Pensions consulting

We assist our clients in developing and communicating their pensions policy.


The pensions policy is based on the objectives of the client. We take ample time to get familiar with these objectives and to fully comprehend one another. Subsequently we will convert these objectives into concrete policy choices, such as the choice between DB and DC, the administration vehicle and the ambition level. In doing so we are not merely looking at today, but also look and think ahead.

Examples of our services are:

  • Design, redesign and harmonization of pension schemes
  • Calculations of the possible effects on the annual accounts
  • Optimization of the administration (pension fund versus insurance contract)
  • Consultation with works councils and unions
  • Negotiations with pension providers
  • Review of legal documents
  • Counselling throughout the implementation phase

As a start we can offer you a pension scan to give insight into the ambition level and cost structure of your current pension scheme.

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