You are considering liquidating your pension fund, but what is the best alternative? Seek alliance with a so-called multi-opf, opt for an insurer or perhaps sacrifice the exemption of the occupational pension fund? Is this a good time to adapt the pension scheme? And what to do with the accrued pensions? Which parties are involved in a buyout? Only with a structured approach, the liquidation process can become successful.


Over the past 10 years we have assisted many management teams and employers in the liquidation of their company pension fund. Based on our experience we have drawn up a plan of action which guarantees that all essential steps in the liquidation process are dealt with in time. Close cooperation between employers and fund management is important, whereby the fund management is responsible for concluding the existing pension liabilities and the employer for the arrangement of the new implementation of the pension scheme.

We help clients with:

  • feasibility studies and indentifying triggers to proceed to action
  • preparing the pension fund for a possible (partial) transfer to another pension provider (insurer, industry wide pension fund, multi company pension fund)
  • taking stock of the consequences for the company and for the current pension provider if the previously granted dispensation by the industry wide pension fund is forfeited
  • drawing up proposals, assessing offers and the required negotiation
  • analysis of the financial impact on cash flow, funding ratio and the effect on pension obligations in the annual reporting accounts of the company

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